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Data Mining International, Inc. (DMI), a private company, develops tools and technologies to identify risk patterns of illicit activity within global trade and financial transactions.

DMI is the sole software and services supplier to the Trade Transparency Initiative and the DARTTS system. Trade Transparency Units (TTU’s) are currently being deployed worldwide.


DARTTS is capable of identifying international trade anomalies and financial irregularities indicative of TBML (Trade Based Money Laundering), customs fraud, contraband smuggling, and other crimes.
- Leigh Winchell, ICE/HSI Investigative Programs A. Director, US Senate Testimony
NIPS allows for the manipulation of trade data, BSA data, commerce data and I-94 passenger data. Green Quest has applied NIPS in targeting commodities and companies that may be funneling funds in support of terrorism.
- Juan C. Zarate, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Terrorism and Violent Crime, Testimony
This program has played a crucial role in Customs’ ability to detect sophisticated, trade-based money-laundering schemes.
- Robert Bonner, US Customs Commissioner
NIPS is a great example of how technology has been able to compress and analyze volumes of data in a cost-effective way and produce critical intelligence for trade or law enforcement interventions.
- John Varrone, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Investigations, US Customs

About Us

DMI Vision:

To help agencies and nations build and share knowledge of--and thereby target--suspicious movements of goods, money, and people. Our mission is to grow our leadership position identifying risk patterns of illicit activity within global trade. We partner with governmental agencies worldwide to help protect trade from terrorist action and identify suspicious material and financial transactions.

DMI History:

DMI has a 15-year track record building data mining and investigator tools under contract with the United States Government. These tools have been credited with identifying billions of dollars of fraudulent movement of goods and services and are now proving to be increasingly valuable in identifying terrorist operations and shipments of dual-use materials. DMI’s LEADMiner applications are called DARTT (Data Analysis and Research for Trade Transparency) within the US Government and in the past the applications have been called TTU, eGRID, and NIPS (Numerically Integrated Profiling System).

Industry Context:

The movement of goods and services around the globe generates an enormous electronic “paper trail.” This collection of data contains valuable information about many suspicious, in fact criminal, activities. DMI has developed LEADMiner™ which is a data-analysis and extraction software technology with proprietary algorithms uniquely tuned to understand this raw data and to extract information.

Products and Services

Data Mining International, Inc. has developed the LEADMiner technologies and delivered these to the U.S. and partner governments within the Data Analysis & Research for Trade Transparency System (DARTTS) as well as in the Numerically Integrated Profiling System (NIPS). LEADMiner is the technology and architecture used by the Trade Transparency Units world-wide.

The LEADMiner technology comprises three core components:

LEADMiner Applications

Investigator applications, with integrated Windows and WEB support, which analyze a unique combination of structured and unstructured data using flexible cascading drilldown, expert system-based AI, link analysis, and techniques built around relationship discovery using custom algorithms

LEADMiner Data-Prep Toolkit

Clean, format, and modify data in preparation for data mining with one of the LEADMiner Applications.

LEADMiner Maverick Identifier

(MAVStat) - Analyze cleaned data and locate cluster outliers.

Press Articles

June 2008
Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
March 2008
2008 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report

Sales & Support

DMI licenses the LEADMiner Application products on a per-user or per-server basis with a separate annual maintenance and support contract. The LEADMiner Data-Prep Toolkit and Maverick Identifier are typically licensed on a “per project” basis and coupled to our professional services offerings.

DMI Services:

Product Enhancement
DMI frequently adds special analysis functions or data manipulation functions into LEADMiner upon request.
While the core product is designed to be easy to install and use, customers frequently benefit from support during the initial installation.

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